Friday, March 7, 2014

Thats a nice question!

A reader (you know who you are:) Thank you!) asked me a nice question and I thought Id share the answer here.

Which of your underwear turns you on the most as opposed to your bf?

Hi and thanks for the question:)
My man likes to see my ass in tight briefs or something that shows the whole ass, like jockstraps and backless briefs. They frame my ass nicely and make him horny for me;) While I enjoy wearing backless undies to have my ass easily accessible to my man I also have favourites of my own. I like really manly undies. I have many pairs military surplus undies. They are more loose and if you are lucky you might find them worn soft by real military men;) I like it when my undies are not too tight, so my junk can move more freely. I prefer often old somewhat stretched and worn out white(or used to be white) when I work on construction... Backless if any when at home:) Hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask more:)

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