Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Glorious Tights are finally here - first pictures

Yesterday afternoon I got a package I had been waiting for a long time. The neoprene detailed running tights. Some of you have probably seen the pictures of the prototype of the new tights here earlier, but this is the revised, final version... with labels and everything.

I also received the new neoprene speedos. You can see them on the tights in one picture. We were gonna take more pics, with less clothes, but a relative just happened to show up at the same place while I was practically pants down. I was a litttllle embarassed.

Anyways. Better pictures coming soon!

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  1. Where are the tights and speedo from? Anyway to get out own? Cause that is two of my all time favorite things <3

    1. Hello mate and sorry for taking toooo long to reply. I wanted to fix the facebook webshop first and then I honestly simply forgot. Here you can buy the currently available tights on my facebook with paypal: unfortunately does not work on mobile phones, only computers.