Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exposing myself...

I originally started to promote this blog to promote some of the designs I had made and to get to know what people thought of my stuff, but Idd be lying if I didnt get something else out of it too.

Now what is it that makes posting pictures of sexual nature of oneself so addicting?

I have always been a nature child and nudity has never bothered me and when I was 19 I had this stalker who threatened me by saying he would be sending my nude pictures to my family and workplace if I didnt go out with him and have constant contact. So this meant I had to tell my parents about there being nude pictures of me and someone possibly would be sending some of those to them. My mom only asked if it was just me or was it porn and my parents were ok with it. The next step was to call the HR manager of my workplace and tell her the situation. I had a good job and respect of my colleagues and I was so nervous I was litterally shaking when I took the phone.

I explained that there is someone out there who is threatening me and I wanted to give them a heads up about possible pictures. The HR manager was very calming and promised that this would not affect my position at work in any way and said that if anything comes it will be handled very discreetly.

The stalker had made my life a nightmare for a year and when I finally hung up with the HR manager I was so relieved cried of happiness. I was free!

Im not 100% sure its because of this incident, but later in life I have always been somewhat jealous to people who dare to show themselfs, their assholes, cocks, cum, penetration and even getting humiliated. There is something amazing to be able to be so free of tabus and society's norms and what people think.

Im not quite there yet (though I do have another blog with a little more explisit pictures) and not really sure If I would be willing to go all the way, but posting pictures is kind like base jumping. You wanna go further and further every time. You show a little more and more and once you did it and survived, you wanna try something more daring every time... If that makes any sense.

Then there is naturally the more carnal side to it. There is the ego boosting idea of men looking at me and perhaps even jacking off to my pictures and the nice comments. When I was younger I posed for some pictures (with clothes on) for a gay magazine. A couple of years later someone told me at a club that they had seen my picture taped on a box of giveaway condoms att another gay club. Many would have propably reacted differently, but for me its possibly the greatest compliment anyone could have given:)
Here is the picture from the condom box. Its taken at my home back then. I glued every one of those CDs on the wall myself

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