Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swedish military boxer briefs

I have a huge thing for military surplus undies. The fact that this type of undies is solely produced for the purpose of serving men after men at their prime. They are made durable so they can be used by a new rookie time after time and with a manly fit thats far from flattering, but serves it purpose.

The military surplus gear that is sold is always washed in high temperature afer use (as it would be when given to a new soldier) so apart from possible storage smell, this stuff is clean... Unless you buy them directly of a soldier, which is an idea quite tempting too;) So its not the intoxicating mansmell that enchants in worn military undies. Its the signs of being worn mercilesly by a man after man. All the sweat thats been put into them and the sountless steps the thighs have been wearing them soft. Every small tear or stretch is like a trophy that ads to the history and value:)

Its hard to get worn/issued military surpus undies, especially briefs/boxerbriefs. I have a few pairs and more issued long johns. This pair was unused when I bought them from an oline store, but I have been wearing them a lot because of the cofortable fit and material. They are from the swedish military and judging from the fit I think its a vintage piece. These babies have a super high waist, but they are a snug fit. There is a big label with three crowns (symbol of the Swedish military) right next to the fly/bulge:)

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