Monday, March 9, 2015

See through singlet

FInally got down to getting some new pictures. Have had a lot of gear in my closet that I have never really used because lately dont have so many occasions where I can go around in sexy see through gear. I dont think theyd appreciate it here in the countryside gym and though I know my man likes to see me in gear, we dont play dress up that often.

So Im putting some of my stuff up on eBay again, so check it out (HERE) if you are interested. And if you are into worn gear etc, Id be happy to "customize" ;) for you.. I kinda always like (read: get turned on) wearing gear on request and dont mind taking pictures while doing it either...

Hope you like these new pics. Please comment:)))

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  1. Yay im glad your back and you look hot as always :) The new pics are great and I will keep checking your eBay im looking forward to having some of your gear! P.s I like the new hair ;)