Friday, March 27, 2015

Green mesh underwear/swimwear

I usually consider lycra gear as swimwear, but I guess these ones are just too thin too see through to be worn in public... Or what do you think? So I guess these are meant to be used as underwear...

Wearing lycra as an uderwear isnt a very practical experience in my opinion. You sweat in your groins more and if you drip after taking a piss you feel wet and your gear gets a mansmell very fast... Its not practical, but when you are in the right mood this can be a super turn on for you and your partner waiting at home;)

Or What do you think?

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  1. Coming home to u wearing anything would be awesome! especially these :))

  2. Omg pic 3 You have an impressive package you should show it off more :)

  3. Oot upea malli mut nää on kuvat on surkeita... Valaistus ja tarkennus on mennyt täysin vituilleen, sun lihakset ei pääse loistamaan. Ymmärrän hyvin jos itselaukaisimella otat nää kuvat, mut jos oot palkannut ammattilaisen suosittelen vahvasti vaihtamaan valokuvaajaa. Hyvä blogi ja komea malli! Tää blogi voisi saada mainetta ja kunniaa jos kuvat ei olisi amatööri tasoa