Friday, November 15, 2013

Metallic zentai - ideas are welcome

Hi you all. Im planning on producing a limited 10 to 20pcs custom zentai suit and I was thinking if you guys have any good ideas for color combinations/ color blocking/shapes. Personally Im thinking red/blue or black/grey combination with the contrast color on thigs and possibly upper chest. Possibly with a separate hood with one horizontal hole for the eyes. Wanna make it body flattering and "superheroish", without being obvious.

All ideas and comments are welcome as always. Even pics of ideas (just let me know when you send them in if its ok to publish them).

Later, well see if I can get my supplier to make a few:)

Not me in the pic


I lately changed the settings on my blog, so even unregistered readers can comment. So if there is something you have long wanted to say, please do:)

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