Monday, November 11, 2013

Manhood rite

People often ask me about the three scars I have on my left arm. When the wounds were still fresh people had all kinds of guesses on what kind of accident I had been in. And some think I have had a tattoo removed.

Truth is, its a scarification. The kind of "tattoo" you sometimes see on pictures of tribe people. I had it made many years ago in a tattoo place that was specialised in them.

It was a tough summer I had heartaches and had been forced to move back to the countryside to my parents place cause I was temporarily out of a place to live. Once I heard in the news about the place that had started to make scarifications in Finland I knew this was what I needed to get me out of this pittiful state of selfpity I was in. So I hopped on a train to the big city to get it done.

And yes, it hurt just like you would imagine it would. Im not into pain, if you are wondering, but the fact that it hurt and I sat there still without whining a single time somehow empowered me.

It became a personal "fuck you" sign to every homophobic comment, gay basher and other hurtful encounter I have had to endure. Saying: Bring it on! I can take it!

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