Saturday, September 14, 2013

Things you can get in a public bathroom

I am not the most experienced traveller, but I have seen and experienced lots of stuff.

I do get it that in some gay places I have been to on my trips there has been a guy at the toilet handing me paper (sometimes spraying fragrances on me) when i have finished taking a leak and expect money for it. What happened in club last night here in Bangkok still rather caught me off guard.

Once I took my place at the urinal and pulled out my junk (so I was immobile for obvious reasons) someone puts a warm wet towel on my sholders and starts massaging. It was all fine until he started giving me an express chiropractic treatment right then and there. I had some serious problems aiming when this guy started popping my back and neck joints... not to mrntion the scary sound my neck made when he twisted it from side to side.

once I was finished and turned around he threw a cold wet towel on my face and quicly rubs my face through it.(Im not one to wear make up in clubs, but doing the same to someone who had just perfected his gayclub makeup and hair could result in serious bitch splapping I imagine)

To finish of the treatment he puts his arms around me from the back when im washing my hands, squeesed tight and lifts me in the air to release my vertebras I guess.

I gave the guy a few dollars and left the toilet wondering what the heck just happened and hoping he didnt do any permanent damage. I guess he was good though since nothing is aching this morning and we did have a wild night out;)

P.S Saw some other amazing hot stuff too. Im not even gonna tell what kind of a show these thai guys put up in a giant human aquarium ;)

I was touched by who last night? (Enterance stamp from the club)

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