Sunday, September 1, 2013

At the beach

Speedos or swimshorts. Here is Scandinavia speedos have always been the natural choise for swimwear. For someone outside Europe it might be surprising that until quite recently many public swimming pools (at least in Finland) only allowed men to wear speedos. I guess its for hygienic reasons and not for fashion purposes or to the pleasure of gay men, but this is one of the few rules I love. The other one is the rule against wearing swimtrunks in the sauna:)

Some people find speedos too revealing, but maybe its me being scandinavian or just a guy who loves the view,  but I have always loved men is speedos.

A while ago I got my first prototypes of Glorious Cockfighter speedos. I will have a few styles out next spring, but thought Id test these before the waters get too cold to swim.

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