Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sneaking masked in neoprene

A few pictures from a set we took a while ago with my man. Im wearing this cool neoprene mask that I felt fitted the pants quite well:)

Let me know what you think! Id llove to hear which one is your favourite:) More glorious Cockfighter pictures also on facebook: you can also get the tights from there.

Oh and another thing. Someone asked me if its ok to share these pictures on other media? Yes its its fine, as long as you remember to credit where you found them or preferably have a link.

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  1. I loved the first photoset and I love this one :) My favourite picture in this is the 4th one, because it conveys action and mystery and I love it !

  2. Yeah.. That is sexy neoprene gear on you! Neoprene gear are new Fetish area that you could think to expand. Problem with neoprene is only to get right neoprene that has this good aroma when you dress up inside full suit and forces your boyfriend, who is tied to bed in X-position, to take your tight neoprene ass on face, lick and sniff it! I did order big sheet of 2 mm neoprene from Finish company and it showed that aroma of that was too heavy and aroma was not that neoprene what all my other wetsuits are made of. But that sheet could use as like bed linen, so now I sleep my nights under neoprene. :) Btw.. a blog is nice to go through when there are a lot of images. I do a lot of Bondage in many privacy Dungeon play spaces and last session was with Fetish guy who was dressed in full long shiny black Orca GS2 with neoprene gloves and boots. His mouth was gagged with neoprene gag, head locked into neoprene hood. Then he was bolted standing to stone wall from hands, legs and neck with heavy separated steel cuffs, not to forget that dude has also heavy steel CB with electro connections, also into ass dildo! It was sexy to watch when he was totally in my control many hours and could not comment anything what happened next to him.. only that this wetsuit dude did get huge explosions of sperm firing! :) Perhaps you would like to be my next wetsuit Bondage victims!

  3. I love all 7 pics in this superb set as you look really awesome but then im very biased as im well into your sexy look! It was impossible for me to pick 1 as my favourite so i have picked the following;

    pic 2 - You create a very inviting position/situation on the sofa so much that i want to join you there!
    pics 5,6 & 7 - Those pics of you are incredibly apetising and you create such horny mouth watering poses. Really awesome viewing. Add in the neoprene mask accessory which makes for a very striking combination with those jaw droppingly sexy tights on your super fit physique. Superb!