Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Used dirty gear

I was just about 21 when I for the first time swapped some of my used gear for something else. I was out with my straight mate and his girlfriend. We ended up going to this gay bar with a more mature audience and karaoke. I had just bought my first jockstrap (from H&M actually) and I guess they showed well because my pants are always hanging:). This guy came up to me and offered me 10 drinks for my jocks. Needless to say I didnt have to think twice. I went to the bathroom and took off my jocks and had a heck of an evening with my friends and free drinks.

I have sold and given men quite a few of my used gear ever since. Like with anything sexual, someone getting off on my underwear or gear is not a problem. Quite the opposite. I guess its the sub part of me that enjoys giving pleasure to a man, even when Im not physically there.

Also when you know you are wearing your undies for someone else, it kinda makes everything you do more significant and sexual. Taking a piss the last drops that end up in the undies, sweating balls while working or working out, or the post-cum dripping out into the undies after sex gets a whole new meaning...

And now a confession;) While Im more into using gear for others, I just remembered that once in high school... We had had a gymnastics class and were heading to shower. I fell behind the other for some reason. The hottest guy in the class (a straight guy I had a huge crush on) had left his undies there next to me and while risking getting caught I could not resist the temptation and I just had to smell them...

If you guys have any stories regarding this subject Id be interested to hear:)

Also on the subject if you want some of my gear let me know. I have a wishlist on ebay and willing to exchange one pair of mine into 2-3 pairs from the list... Just for the fun of it. Also all gear from fans I will naturally take pics for you guys;)

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