Sunday, January 26, 2014

Red delicious

More pics from our kitchen. This time in the shiny red, faux leather style super looow cut wrestling singlet. I love the way the material looks. What do you think? Hope you like this pic series with the drunken "housewife" :)

I put one of these up on ebay too. If you are interested go check it out at:

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  1. Hey i've just finished reading your blog its hot!!! Your pictures are amazing and you have an awesome body! Would like to have seen a few boner outline shots! But was still amazing! Checked out your ebay items i will be ordering in a couple of weeks when i get paid. Would be interested in some of your well used and abused items when they are available too.

    1. Thank you mate for your nice feedback. That kind of comments really motivate me:)

      What kind of used gear do you like. Not many used gear currently exept of cource worn undies;) But I can wear and use anything you want mate;)

    2. Hi mate your welcome i love it, sorry for the delay i fell off my horse while out hunting and broke my collar bone and dislocated my shoulder so i'm off work at the work at the moment. Just caught up on your blog and still amazing keep up the good work;) you are really hot! I have to say your man is hot too and is a good photographer too:)

      My favourite gear is wrestling singlets but running tights and basically anything in lycra is hot:) Some well worn briefs would be good too! I read your gonna start working out again to get ready for summer ( you look hot already though;) ) so if you can workout for a few weeks in one of your own designs (like the red and blue singlet you wore in Thailand) would be great:) I am interested in some of your worn undies too;) And when summer starts i'm gonna need some new speedos too but they can wait until we get closer to summer!

    3. Hi again:)

      Im so sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you will be better soon!

      Thanks for all your kind words, Im blushing here:) And yes, I think my man is hot too. Im a lucky guy!

      I have a couple of bad new too and then some good. One is that Im currently out of all my wrestling singlets and the other is that I still havent started to work out:/ Bad me! The good news is that I have ordered more stuff and that I have o lot of well worn undies;) You can also mail me to